The War Over the War: Israel, Gaza and American Protest

As the latest cease-fire holds, a bomb-battered people pick through rubble and find rage, pain and more rage. Worldwide criticism of Israel, most of which is fueled by sympathy for Palestinians, some by anti-Semitism, has like acid begun to erode Israel’s base of support in the United States. Israel has won in Gaza, but it lost the war over the war.

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The Fourth of July, a Pantoum

The flag like a curtain, a wizard behind it, counting money
an idea colored red, colored white, colored blue
of Americans cheering independence
drunk and dancing around a fire, the smoke of war

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Get Nick’s latest book THE GROUND BELOW ZERO.

If you enjoy Nicholas’s work, in any form, consider picking up a copy of his latest work: THE GROUND BELOW ZERO. Unfortunately only available online on Amazon and B&N, but you can always ask at your local bookstore to see if they carry or would carry his book.

As well Nick does a number of readings in California and New York City, so if you’d like to meet him or host a reading email to set something up.

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Why I Yelled at the Kara Walker Exhibit

Inside the factory, cool, sweet air filled my nose. It was a rusted cathedral of industry, held up by blistered girders. Across the warehouse I saw the white Mammy sphinx. Visitors bunched around caramel-like statues of children holding baskets. They were antebellum figurines of slave boys, made of resin coated in molasses. The irony of them molded into sugar was of course symbolic of the money and power distilled from their bodies. Viewers seemed to get it. Maybe, I thought, it was safe to turn off the alarm? And then I saw a balding white father, posing with his son next to one of the boy statues, his arms folded across his chest “gangsta” style as the mother took a photo.

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The Declaration of Independence (or Thomas Jefferson Writes Your Break Up Letter)

When in the Course of human error, it becomes necessary for lovers to dissolve the emotional bond which had connected them, and to assume a tongue can tower over the earth and create a separate but equal sign over the Nature of Desire, a decent into the opinions of others requires one to declare the cause of separation.

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Now All Men

In the United States, women saw in Rodger’s misogynist killing spree an extreme form of the violence they live with every day. The Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen became a public forum for sharing stories of male violence, spanning from microaggressions to rape. Yet many of us men can’t see ourselves in Rodger. Or read the stories of women’s fear or anger or hurt without laughing (yes, I heard men laughing about it on the subway) or dismissing it as the hysterics of overly sensitive women. We choose not to listen because if we did, it would destroy our self-image, by showing how women too often see us: as tormentors, oblivious and arrogant, who cause pain they are too scared or tired or too hopeless to even talk about. – See more at:

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I Have Mixed Feelings for NYC

“I love NYC”, it’s on his shirt but he’s a tourist so fuck him.
Has he been here long enough to love the pools of piss
on subway steps leading to the sleeping drunk, a tossed
rag-doll in the corner?

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A Review of X-Men: Days of Future Past

If it was me or my burly corn-rowed friends, one of whom has gold teeth, you best believe she would’ve moved with a whispery, “Sorry”. It’s how the hierarchy of terror works in New York; we pivot around each other’s stereotypes. If my crew had taken her seat but then a squad of crazy Russians rolled up and wanted them, we would have said, “Sorry” and moved to. No one wants to die over a seat, unless you’re from Brownsville. They’ll die over anything.

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Web Exclusive: A Letter From Karl Marx

In the imaginary letter below, The Indypendent’s Nicholas Powers takes a crack at giving voice to a 19th century prophet trying to make sense of a 21st century world radically different from the one he knew but still ruled by the capitalist system he so painstakingly researched and analyzed.

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The Daedulus Ring: or How Geordi La Forge and Harriet Tubman Fell in Love

The Temporal Prime Directive – he thought. It flashed in his face like a silent alarm but I was the captain and he obeyed my orders to put you in sickbay. For nearly three weeks, you stayed on the Enterprise. I learned your name was Harriet Tubman, we knew you as the Moses of Her People. You were a faded photograph in our early Earth History Class.

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