Pain is Pain

The Indypendent October 21, 2016 Read the full article, for free “You’re not listening to me.” He gripped the steering wheel. “What the hell am I not hearing?” I stared … Continue reading

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In Praise of Allies: Wherever we’re going, we’ll only get there together

The Indypendent August 15, 2016 Read the full article, for free Dear Allies, You deserve praise. Yes, you. I imagine you thinking, “But I’m white or male, I’m straight or … Continue reading

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Trump’s Rape Rhetoric Appeals to Male Anxiety

Truthout July 30, 2016 Read full article for free Donald Trump has made sexual assault a core motif of his campaign rhetoric, but he’s not interested in women’s safety. Instead, … Continue reading

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Hetero-terrrorism: The Backlash Against Gay Liberation

The Indypendent June 17, 2016 Read the full article, for free Police cars and armored vehicles sped by. We watched their bright alarms echoing down the street. It was Sunday … Continue reading

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To the Racist Assholes Voting for Trump

In the decades since, everywhere you turn there’s a person of color holding a mirror. On TV, we hold up mirrors. In music, in newspapers and in college classes we hold up mirrors. In the riots of Baltimore and Ferguson and in the Black Lives Matters protests, we carry mirrors through the streets. The President, a black man at the highest office of the land, holds up a mirror. And in those many, many reflections, you and everyone can see the bloody grave upon which you built your history.

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My Third-Degree Bern Hope in a Time of Crisis

The Indypendent May 19, 2016 Read full article, for free I drew a heart next to Bernie Sanders. I almost wrote, “All Power to the Soviets” or “Bern Baby Bern” … Continue reading

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A Love Supreme

This is for the cool in you. The low swag of you. The righteous fury and star-following urge in you. This is for my people, Black and praiseworthy. For all of us. My family, Nuyoricans, blown across the map by anger. My friends, practicing themselves in the mirror, trying on new moves, new colors, new tongues.

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Laughter of the Damned: A Review of the documentary Democrats

“Be seen as a man of peace, even if you are not,” the shifty driver smiled, “The game of politics is pretending.” He squinted mischievously at the camera and chortled. He was carelessly arrogant. He knew he had power because this man, this Paul Mangwana represented the Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe, a man who terrified the nation.

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We’re Not the Aliens Anymore: A Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The words Star Wars appeared on screen. Theme music blared. Everyone cheered. Early in the movie, a black male Stormtrooper took off his helmet in disgust after his army killed villagers. The audience sat wide-eyed, lost in a galaxy far, far away but finding there a triumphant liberalism often missing from real life.

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You know that thing you did? It was wrong but it felt real. Did you
leave marks? I know I did. Almost like signing your name on skin.
It heals but not really, something tight happens behind words, hold
this for me is how we say close the door.

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